Why You Should Go For Ravees International School?

Ravees International School takes great pride in its reputation for pursuing the highest standards of academic excellence and continually strives to create a relational environment in which a commitment to personal excellence prospers.

Located in Uppal, Narapally, Ravees is pioneering the futuristic schools, advancing individualized education by maximizing technology, remolding teaching, and redefining school with the approach of “Blended Learning”.

Blended Learning is a relatively new concept, which is taking the educational world by storm. It is an education program that blends traditional classroom teaching and online educational interaction. Ravees is amongst the very few schools in India to have adopted this learning technique. It believes that blended learning is a natural development to the growing comprehensibility of E-Learning and the continued need for a human component to enrich the overall learning experience.

When it comes to career, Indian parents have been known to gravitate towards the more substantial and safer fields such as engineering and medicine. Our highly qualified faculty at Ravees understands that life is not just about clearing IIT or NEET. They excel in the all round development of a child and identify each of their potentials, and thereby guide them to stride forward towards the skill development, be it, sports or dance.

Ravees International School is built on a strong foundation of positive relationships between parents, students and the faculty. Our holistic approach to education allows students to learn beyond the technical curriculum; we educate them for life in a synchronized, wholesome environment enriched with respect and culture.

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